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Quarter Sawn (mp3)

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Jester (mp3)

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Jester: Live in Germany II

Arthur's new cd was recorded in Regensburg, Passau and Pfaffenhoffen in December 2010.

Loren Stillman (alto sax)
Brad Shepik (guitar)
Arthur Kell (bass)
Mark Ferber(drums)

"...pushing the lines and learning what lies beyond the norm by breaching boundaries of composition and volunteering a freer conversation. This is music beyond the chart; it is sentient art, challenging listeners with incongruent lines and exhilarating, exacting conversations. It is volatile, daring jazz..." - Jordan Richardson, Blinded by Sound

"Wonderful melodies arise…the enormous power of the ensemble makes a piece like the driving “Tiki Time Bomb” possible…At midieval courts, jesters…were allowed to express things that everybody else was forbidden to say. Their license was their flexibility, making it their goal to open a new perspective. Arthur Kell does something similar in these live concerts, recorded in December 2010 in Regensburg, Passau and Pfaffenhofen: finding and defining the deeper meaning…." - Jazz Podium, September 2012

The German Daily, Badische Neueste Nachrichten: "At no point during this amazing concert did the audience doubt that tremendous art was being performed here. Arthur Kell is an excellent composer, instrumentalist and band leader...his compositions...have exceptional bite. The quartet sounds like it is cast from one sound . . . Both the ballads and the quick, concise pieces are convincing with their ingenious complexity . . . in some magical way they are together, rhythmically and harmonically . . . true musical mastery.

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Victoria and Her Sisters (mp3)

Names and Spaces (mp3)

Dada (mp3)

Victoria: Live in Germany

Victoria was recorded in Cologne and Karlsruhe in May 2008 and it features Loren Stillman (alto sax), Brad Shepik (guitar) and Joe Smith (drums).

"This excellent everything that modern jazz should be: vibrant, challenging music from a band so tight within its group dynamic and so confident in its individualistic chops that every movement is a lively step forward. Anchored by Arthur Kell's deep, spongy bass and Joe Smith's relentless, crashing attack, guitarist, Brad Shepik and saxophonist Loren yet complementary statements of electric joy. The recording retains all the energy of a kick-ass live event and should receive serious album-of-the-year consideration." - Jazz Improv Magazine, July 2009

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Traveller is Arthur’s 2005 release on Fresh Sound Records. Co-produced with Steve Cardenas, it features Gorka Benitez on tenor saxophone and flute, Steve Cardenas on guitar, Arthur Kell on bass and Joe Smith on drums. It was recorded in Barcelona in November 2004.

"The disc features nine Kell originals, and every track is a winner...Kell and Smith lay down a stellar groove, and Cardenas and Benitez are way in the pocket with their solos." - Billboard

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Song for lj (mp3)

Pisciotta Blue (mp3)

See you in Zanzibar (mp3)

See You in Zanzibar

"See You in Zanzibar" is the first CD release of Arthur's music. It features three outstanding players: Steve Cardenas (guitar), Bill McHenry (tenor saxophone) and Allison Miller (drums). The cd is dedicated to Arthur's longtime-friend, Thomas Chapin.

"This well-conceived album has many sparkling moments and is a credit to Kell's guidance and execution...the title cut rings with sensitivity and beauty, and Kell's soulful solo is heartfelt and from the heart...[he] does some exciting things when interacting with Cardenas to propel the program into high gear, and his patterns behind the soloists are inventive." - Cadence Magazine, Oct. 2001

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